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Productions Totem Contemporain works at the forefront of research, experimentation and innovation, particularly in the specialized niche of new acoustic musical instruments.

The starting point of the "sound" of Totem Contemporain is based on the sound generators invented by the composer Jean-François Laporte. A panoply of musical instruments, often created from unusual or commonly used objects.

The site therefore presents the various instruments invented as well as the projects in which they were used. Is also presented the Electroacoustic Totem Ccompetition. Candidates registered for this competition can submit an original composition based on the sounds produced by Totem's instruments. For this purpose, more than 1000 sampled original sounds are available, listed in a database designed by Percumedia for this purpose.

The entire competition, from the participation of the candidates to the evaluation work of the members of the jury, is entirely managed on the website.