Why we use Drupal

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Why not WordPress, which runs a majority of websites?

Drupal and WordPress are two high-quality CMSs1 that have a lot in common:

  • both are open software CMS, which means they are free for both use and development;
  • both benefit from a large community of users, so if a problem arises, it is easy to consult that community for solutions;
  • both are easy for the end user to use (updates and content additions, etc.).

However, there are a number of important differences between the two platforms:

The cost of developing and expanding websites

Learning to develop websites under Drupal requires a longer learning curve than under WordPress. Since the latter requires less technical knowledge than Drupal, the costs of developing a website are lower, at least in appearance.

Due to its knowledge requirements, Drupal usually requires the use of a developer for website programming, so the initial cost is higher. In the case of WordPress, it's easier to set up a website for someone who doesn't have programming knowledge. However, it is necessary to assess the opportunity cost of investing time in internal, often inexperienced, resources for the development of a website.

If, on the other hand, a website is to grow, to grow, to see new features added, the long-term cost could be significantly lower with Drupal. Indeed, this platform is designed to allow the evolution and addition of features in an easier way, without requiring a thorough redesign of the site.


The issue of website and data security clearly makes Drupal stand out as much more advantageous.

In the Drupal community, unlike for WordPress, the creation and distribution of modules or plugins that provide additional functionality is centralized. The entire Drupal ecosystem is overseen by a security team of more than 30 specialists from different companies and organizations from around the world. This team has gained an excellent reputation thanks to its efficiency and its stubborn concern for safety issues.

In addition, website updates are done with dependency management software. As a result, all components on which the updated code depends are automatically updated as well, ensuring a safe website at all times.

Moreover, the basic code itself is developed with the latest technologies allowing websites better protection against intrusions and attacks.

Finally, because many WordPress websites are developed by people who are not necessarily technically trained, or who neglect to make periodic updates, the dangers of security breaches are greater. By dealing with a certified developer, you can be assured that an expert is responsible for maintaining the integrity and security of your site, freeing you from this concern.

In addition, Drupal allows total granular customization of permissions to access information and features as well as the user interface for publishers and content editors. This will make it easy for internal staff appointed by an organization to make changes and additions to content based on different access settings depending on the desired levels of data privacy. Users only have access to the resources they need to do their jobs.

In conclusion

Percumedia is first and foremost committed to the quality of the products and services rendered to its customers. Due to the technical expansion capabilities of the sites developed with Drupal, and because of its significantly larger security dimensions2 , Percumédia has resolutely decided to develop its customers' sites exclusively with this CMS.

The developers of Percumedia all have the "Web Site Builder" or "Web Site Developper" certification from Drupal.

In addition, with its constant support program to its clientele, Percumedia is constantly present with its customers for any form of assistance in the use of the websites it develops.


  • 1Content Management System
  • 2Drupal supports sites of companies such as Warner Music and the Louvre, artists (Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars), dozens of universities, including Harvard and McGill; organizations such as Oxfam, NASA, the Red Cross and the Australian government; many professional sports teams and associations

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