Protection of personal information

Personal Information

We all have heard a lot about personal data in recent months, especially in relation to the way social media companies have used them.

Did you know that Google, Apple, Facebook and other great players of the world are not the only ones who collect personal information and that this issue does not concern only large organizations?

Indeed, even your website collects personal information, often without the knowledge of your visitors or customers. A contact or order form, an online questionnaire, a comment left by a visitor, or even an "anonymous" visit on your site may result in the collection of personal information.

Some laws, both at the provincial and federal levels, regulate the management and confidentiality of personal information collected by companies, but a new regulation from the European Union could have an impact on website owners.

The "General Data Protection Regulation" (GDPR) adopted by the European Parliament in April 2016 will be in effect on May 25th.

How does the GDPR affect you?

The new regulations of the EU includes a provision whose application is extraterritorial. Indeed, non-European companies are subject to the regulation as soon as they target EU residents through profiling or by offering goods and services to European residents.

This means, for example, that a resident of the European Union who visits your website, and whose personal data such as his IP address, country of origin or name is collected by your site one way or another is protected by this regulation. Your attendance statistics reveal a lot of visits from the EU.

In fact, the visitor must agree to the collection of personal information when visiting your site. For this consent to be well advised, the visitor must specifically be informed of the following:

  • what personal information will be collected;
  • how this information will be collected;
  • for what purpose will this information be used,
  • how will this information be protected,
  • how he or she can have this information deleted.

Large organizations will certainly be more concerned about this new regulation. However, it is increasingly recognized as a good practice for everyone to report on the privacy measures put in place for a website, regardless of the legislation in force.

This is where we can help.

In this context, Percumédia can offer you personalized resources that will show your dedication to protect your website visitors' personal information.

We have two documents that can be integrated into your website:

  • a privacy policy, meeting the requirements of GDPR;
  • terms and conditions of use for your website that summarize your obligations as well as those of your visitors regarding the content of your website.

You can find examples of these two documents on our website at the following addresses and

For those whose website has been developed by Percumedia, we can install these personalized documents on your site and add a feature that will indicate to your visitors, at the time of their first visit, that cookies are used by your site.

For those whose website has not been developed by us, we can provide you with these documents and your web developer can make the necessary installation.

These documents will be personalized according to the type of personal information collected and the context of this collection for each of the websites concerned. All you need to do is validate some of the information we already have and possibly fill out a few questions.

Please contact us if you wish to state your concern for the privacy of personal information, or for any other question relating to this matter.

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